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OEM Internal-Use License

Deploy in your custom App at any scale within your organization. 

Sly Technologies products have many free and demo users, especially jNetPcap open source. We fund the open source development by selling the enhanced OEM editions of both open-source and closed-source software (openly published for review only.) These special versions includes enterprise features such as pro APIs and commercial support, as well as special license rights allowing customers to bypass the 5-system usage cap of Sly Technologies free edition products. It includes commercial support and update options, and provides the extra OEM features for enterprise-wide deployment. Key features include:

  • Greater usage right -- While the free version of Sly Technologies products may only be installed on 5 systems in an organization, the OEM licenses range from 100 seats to perpetual unlimited installs.

  • Commercial support -- Sly Technologies OEM maintenance plans also include update rights so you always have access to the latest releases. We are constantly releasing updates with performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

  • Continuity -- Our OEM customers have a license agreement guaranteeing the availability and terms for their OEM software usage, while the terms and restrictions for Sly Technologies Free License change from time to time. Licensing revenue also funds continued development and improvement of our open-source software.


This page describes the Sly Technologies OEM Internal-Use License for companies and organizations that wish to use our software themselves, but won't be redistributing these products outside of their organization. Companies which wish to redistribute Sly Technologies OEM based software (such as within their products) should visit the Sly Technologies OEM Redistribution License page instead.


Sly Technologies OEM software releases are always made in conjunction with the free edition releases and the version numbers are the same.

OEM Internal User License Prices & Terms

We offer Sly Technologies OEM products as a perpetual license to the current version of each product, with the option to purchase maintenance (updates and support) for 1 or more years. Maintenance is optional, but highly recommended because it extends the perpetual license to include all new versions released during the maintenance period. And Sly Technologies OEM products are under very active development. Maintenance also includes commercial support whenever you need it. And the maintenance price never increases as long as you don't let it lapse for more than 120 days. The license also includes priority with bug fixes and feature requests as well as funding continue development and improvements of our  open-source software.

OEM Internal User License Prices & Terms

Our Enterprise Unlimited OEM Internal License allow you to install and run as many copies of each OEM product within your organization as you would like. It is a perpetual license for product, for a one-time cost of a license fee listed in the table below. Optional (but recommended) maintenance cost is listed in the corresponding maintenance column. Or you can prepay five years of maintenance for a 20% discount to have updates and supported covered until 2027. That way you don't need to expend effort on renewals each year or worry that someone will forget to do it. You can use our products for your own internal software. The maintenance fee on all of our licenses is guaranteed in the agreement to never increase, as long as you pay it every year.

500-Install Perpetual OEM Internal License

We also offer a 500-install perpetual OEM internal license, prices listed below in the table. Optional (but recommended) maintenance cost listed in the corresponding maintenance column. Or you can prepay five years and save 20% and not have to worry about it again until 2027. An install would be on an individual computer or virtual machine or docker container or cloud server or similar.

100-Install Perpetual OEM Internal Micro License

Finally we offer 100-install OEM Internal Micro License for smaller installations. Recommended (but optional) maintenance on this one is listed in the table below in the corresponding maintenance column or buy five years with a 20% prepaid discount. 

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