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Net Athena

NetAthena is a powerful and versatile software solution designed for network management, analysis, security, and performance monitoring. It is tailored to meet the needs of network professionals, providing advanced tools for troubleshooting, monitoring, and analyzing network traffic. NetAthena leverages both AI-driven analysis and traditional methods to deliver comprehensive insights into network operations, security threats, and performance issues.

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Advanced Graphical User Interface

  • Familiar Interface: The GUI is designed to be similar in usage to the well-known Wireshark software, ensuring a familiar and intuitive user experience for network professionals.

  • Enhanced Visualization: NetAthena goes beyond traditional packet capture tools by offering advanced graphing charts for performance metrics and a Network Operations Center (NOC) graphical dashboard display.

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Athena Shell

  • Scriptable Interface: Everything that can be done using the GUI can also be scripted and executed through the Athena Shell, providing flexibility and automation capabilities.

  • Command Execution: Users can write and execute scripts to automate repetitive tasks, conduct batch processing, and perform complex analysis routines.


Use Cases

  • Troubleshooting: Quickly identify and resolve network issues with real-time monitoring and detailed analysis tools.

  • Monitoring: Keep an eye on network performance and security with continuous monitoring and comprehensive dashboard displays.

  • Analysis: Perform deep analysis of network traffic to understand data flows, application interactions, and potential security threats.

  • Security: Leverage AI-driven threat detection to safeguard the network from malicious activities and ensure compliance with security protocols.

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