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New Age of Accelerated  Network Analysis

Our Products

Let jNetWorks take care of all of the complexities of network packet capture, inspection, analysis and reassembly. Utilizing any of the below network Interface drivers, jNetWorks will leverage any hardware acceleration available and emulating in software everything else.

State of the art Java driver for Napatech SmartNICs cards and Nt drivers. Leverage the rich Java ecosystem to build your application in a friendly Java environment at ultra high level performance of Napatech SmartNICs.

jNetPcap Community Edition

A free community edition, open-source, native Libpcap library driver for the Java world. This is the latest version of the super popular jNetPcap v2.0 library first developed in 2005. 

jNetPcap OEM Edition

Sometimes you need more than Free to succeed. This is where jNetPcap OEM Edition comes in. Its still open-source but it comes with an OEM license and support.

jNetPcap OEM Edition offers a piece of mind when you build and ship your product to a customer or when your deploy your critical in-house application to your users. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our high level network analysis jNetworks SDK is state of the art! Leverage the power of hardware acceleration to turbo charge your Java Network Application in record time! 

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