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The New Standard
in Network Analysis

Making Networking in Java Faster!

Hardware Acceleration

We have Java drivers to utilize any and all features of the hardware installed on the system

Libpcap and Napatech Network Drivers for Java

Our network drivers are a perfect choice for your next project, allowing packet capture, transmission and analysis up to 100s of Gbps, all in Java.

Choose plane Libpcap based network driver with jNetPcap if performance maximum performance is not a requirement.

For those high demand application, we provide jNapatech combined with SmartNIC adapters from Napatech. Hardware accelerated applications have never been easier to write, all in Java!

Did we mention that all our products come with a Free License? You read that right and checkout the source code on Github. Total transparency and total performance!

Fragment and Stream Reassembly

Reassemble IP datagrams and data streams in real-time.

Versatility in Application

We offer very flexible APIs to meet variety of environments

Full Customer Experience Service

When you use our products, we offer full OEM maintenance support and perpetual licenses for a one time royalty-free, fee.

jNetWorks Unprecedented Performance. Impeccable Reliability.

Java has come a long way. Latest releases provide unprecedented performance, that is on part with native C applications. At Sly Technologies, we leverage the raw power of latest Java performance, JIT compilers and hardware acceleration to reach previously unimaginable performance levels.

Network analysis, packet decoding, IP fragment and stream reassembly, payload decompression and decryption, are all very tall tasks to perform in (near) real-time.

The benefits of using the familiar Java programming environment to accomplish heavy networking tasks, is the largest ROI to getting your project or application developed and deployed to customers fast. As the old saying goes, "Time is money". Get your new products generating revenue fast with jNetworks SDK, a Network Analysis Software Development Kit.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Application?

Our products are freely downloadable, with source, under our Free License to get you started right away, with no hassles. Download from variety of sources including the public "maven" repository, individual product pages or our download servers.

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