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Free License

Sly Technologies products come with a Free License, a non-OEM alternative, straight out of the box.

How it works?

Sly Technology products, come with a Free License for non-redistributing  use and limited to 1-5 system installs. You can use our software in your internal products, as long as you do not redistribute  to outside customers or more than 5 internal system installs.

If you need more system installs you can purchase an OEM Internal-Use License. These licenses are perpetual, meaning they never expire, and provide from a hundred to unlimited system installs and offer full OEM support and pro-features.

For products distributing Sly Technologies' software, we recommend the flexible OEM Redistributing License, available as both perpetual and term OEM licenses. Our distribution licenses are no-royalty, all unlimited in number of system installs so you are never limited as to how you distribute your own products. No need to keep track of assets, or reports. We strive to make use of our software simple!

Demos and

With a Free License, you get up to 5 system installs. This is typically plenty enough for a demonstration or a build out of a prototype product. There is no need for demo licenses.

If you still need more system installs, for demonstration or evaluation, please contact our sales team to arrange more free licenses. We do this, to help you make the right decision.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

5 System Installs

A System install or seat is defined as install on an

  • individual computer

  • a virtual machine

  • a docker container

  • a cloud server or similar

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