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jNetPcap Pro for Java

Powerful API

jNetPcap Pro extends the open-source jNetPcap capabilities by providing protocol level support.

With pro features, you can work directly with protocols at a higher level.

IP Fragmentation Support

With jNetPcap Pro you can enable IPF tracking and even reassembly. This way the IP packets you capture are reassembled before delivery to you packet handlers or if you'd like you can just track fragments instead of full reassembly. 

Access all Protocol Packs

With jNetPcap Pro you can access 100s of protocols using all available protocol packs. Each pack contains definitions and high level APIs for dozens protocols. 

Sly Technology's jNetPcap Pro software greatly extends the capabilities of the open source jNetPcap software package. The features allow you to access any of the 100s of predefined protocols grouped in modules called protocol packs. You load each protocol pack that you need to access protocol level features.

Each packet captured is dissected and information about protocol headers is stored in a descriptor that provides more information than the standard pcap_hdr descriptor for each packet. 

Highlights of jNetPcap Pro features: 

  • Packet dissection for protocol headers

  • New descriptors providing protocol header and option information

  • RX and TX capabilities when working with multiple pcap ports (ie. pcap handles)

  • No copy packet delivery and reusable protocol headers for giga-bps performance in your handlers. Save prescious performance by binding to data with already existing headers and not having to allocate new objects per each packet or header.

  • Optionally, for higher performance jNetPcap Pro provides a completely optional native C library which performs many of the critical operations natively. By default jNetPcap Pro is configured to utilize the pure Java operations but you can configure per operation type weather to use native or java implementation (ie. enable native IPF reassembly.)

  • IP packet fragment tracking where IPF information is delivered via IPF descriptors

  • IP packet fragment reassembly where all IP fragments are first reassembled and a new packet is delivered with all of the fragments

  • Protocol extensions such as IP or TCP options are also delivered as normal headers. An example:.

    Packet packet = ...;
    Ip4 ip = new Ip4();

    Ip4OptRouter router = new Ip4OptRouter();

    if (packet.hasHeader(ip) && ip.hasExtension(routingOpt))

Downloads and Licensing

jNetPcap Pro software is available from Github project pages and Maven public repository under a Sly Technologies Free License. The free software license allows 5 internal-use installs within your organization. This is perfect for small companies, students, educators or anyone using the software at small 5 install scale. The source code is also available for review as well on Github. Although it is disclosed, the software is closed-source, we disclose everything and we do welcome feedback, patches, feature requests or even API corrections, although not required. Our staff maintains the high quality of jNetPcap Pro software.

If you require more installs above the 5 seat/install limit, we offer an OEM Internal-Use License. With this license, you can install from 100 to unlimited, perpetual (never expiring) instances for a one time fee. With OEM Internal-Use License, we also offer professional technical support and we guarantee your license terms forever.

When distributing jNetPcap Pro software outside your organization, you may be interested in our OEM Redistribute License. This license allows unlimited, royalty free, redistribution rights. We make licensing our products easy. There are no usage reports required, install tracking etc. Our OEM Redistribution License is unlimited. Period!


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