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jNapatech for Java

Powerful API

jNapatech is a thin Java language wrapper around the award winning software from Napatech. jNapatech forwards all function calls to the native Napatech libraries, assuring accuracy and full performance of Napatech capabilities.

Real-Time Packet Capture

Capture real-time packets from a live network by using high speed jNapatech Java Driver with a SmartNIC network adapter from Napatech 

Unmatched Performace

jNapatech provides unmatched, hardware accelerated performance for both patch capture, inline forwarding with monitoring and packet transmission at full line speed of up to hundreds of Gagabits per second. 

Sly Technologies jNapatech native driver for Napatech software suite, is a "thin" wrapper around the Napatech's native libraries. All the main functionality is implemented by native Napatech libraries, while jNapatech provides a Java friendly API to manage native structures, memory, "C" function calls and those pesky (for Java) "C" macros.

Just like in native Napatech NTAPI, packets are delivered by reference directly to SmartNIC's native host buffers. With the advent of Java virtual threads, impossibly easy multi-gigabit per second tasks can now be efficiently loaded across multiple CPUs and cores.

Out of the box, Napatech's NUMA support enables large memory usage and multi-NUMA-node loading at a scale previously not possible, now extended to the Java environment. Utilize the rich Java eco-system to build enterprise level solutions.


Highlights of jNapatech features as they relate to Napatech software suite: 

  • Config stream API - configures Napatech hardware

  • Net stream API - packet capture and transmission

  • Info stream API - query hardware information

  • Flow stream API - per flow packet handling

  • Even stream API - hardware sensor events

  • Statistics stream API - passive statistics collection

Downloads and Licensing

jNapatech software is available from Github project pages and Maven public repository under a Sly Technologies Free License. The free software license allows 5 internal-use installs within your organization. This is perfect for small companies, students, educators or anyone using the software at small 5 install scale. The source code is also available for review as well on Github. Although it is disclosed, the software is closed-source, we disclose everything and we do welcome feedback, patches, feature requests or even API corrections, although not required. Our staff maintains the high quality of jNapatech software.

If you require more installs above the 5 seat/install limit, we offer an OEM Internal-Use License. With this license, you can install from 100 to unlimited, perpetual (never expiring) instances for a one time fee. With OEM Internal-Use License, we also offer professional technical support and we guarantee your license terms forever.

When distributing jNapatech software outside your organization, you may be interested in our OEM Redistribute License. This license allows unlimited, royalty free, redistribution rights. We make licensing our products easy. There are no usage reports required, install tracking etc. Our OEM Redistribution License is unlimited. Period!


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