Sly Technologies announces Helium™ terabit network recorder for large scale multi 100Gb environments

LIVERPOOL NY, November. 17, 2016 - Network speeds continue to rise and out pace the capabilities of traditional network management tools and infrastructure. As legacy tools fail to keep up with the ever growing and expanding 100Gb networks, customers and their data are left at risk. Sly Technologies is the first in the industry to release a single chassis multi-terabit capture and playback network recorder capable of capturing and processing, for analytics and storage, at up to 44 x 100Gb ports per a single chassis. Combined with Helium™ RA storage nodes, Helium™ can deliver and store nearly unlimited amount of storage of up to and Exabyte.

Sly Technologies is pleased to announce release of Helium™ network recorder with playback capabilities.

Helium™ captures and plays back all data with 100% accuracy at any speed.
Key features include:
  • Ultra-high speed network monitoring: monitor upto 44 x 100Gb ethernet channels (or 22 100Gb full-duplex links). Alternatively monitor up to 440 x 10Gb ethernet channels.
  • Store and retrieve: store at speeds of up to 4.4Tbps and storage capacity of up to Exabyte or 1,000PB, while retrieve with properly configured SDN at speeds up to 30Tbps.
  • Playback with ease: playback the capture data with nano second accuracy for forensic analysis and multi scenarios.
  • Unparalleled scalability: start small and field upgrade as needed to maximize your investment.

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Executive Quotes

Mark Bednarczyk, President, Sly Technologies said:

"Traditional approaches to data capture and processing at terabit speeds, fail to provide adequate capabilities to reach the network speeds being deployed by our customers. Helium™ moves away from software 'spay the CPU cores' approach and utilizes our Linar™ architecture to close the performance gap at ultra high speeds."


Helium™ is currently available.

About Sly Technologies

Sly Technologies, specializes in multi-gigabit and multi-terabit FPGA accelerated software and appliance solutions for working with high speed network communication protocols and data. We develop, market and support software and hardware solutions to solve the most complex network data problems. Sly Technologies enables businesses to create or update their solutions with real-time network capture, analysis and reporting capabilities quickly and easily.

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